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Activating Your Voice

  • Bloggin & Vloggin:  One of the main ways to gain influence in present society is by having a credible platform to highlight issues that matter to you.  In this session, participants will develop concrete tools and strategies on how to introduce their voice into social and popular culture spaces in positive and productive ways.  Participants will receive opportunities to produce the initial shell of their own blog & vlog as well as individual and collective feedback in small groups and before a captive audience.

  • Move Like You Know God: The Art of Networking:  Countless courses have been developed on the importance of being able speak confidently about oneself in different spaces.  Yet individuals still experience fear when it comes to opening themselves of to new people in various spaces.  In this session, participants will experience a real-live simulation exercise on the art and power of social networking.  Additionally, participants will learn how to introduce and speak about themselves in different spaces and ultimately gain confidence and skill on how to make connections with diverse audiences. 

Activating the Marketplace (Business, Wealth Accumulation & Entrepreneurship)

  • The Gig Economy:  Have you ever thought about making more income while maintaining the career you’re already in?  For some, entrepreneurship may not be the exact route; instead, it is about making a little extra (or a lot).  In this session, you will learn how to leverage some of your talents and hobbies as well as other ideas and boost your personal income.

  • Doin It My Way: Entrepreneurship & Start Ups:  In this session participants will learn more about the fundamentals of the business startup culture from reputable NYC-based investors.  Select individuals will be able to pitch their idea & receive critical feedback in front of investors and a captive audience. Special emphasis will be placed on Christian-based investing and how to include social impact measures into business/entrepreneurial ideas.

Activating Your Community Presence

  • Gentrification in Jamaica & Your Role- In this session, learn about new and upcoming developments that are taking place in the borough of Queens and specifically the Jamaica Queens community.  You will be equipped & provided with key information about how to get involved and active in relevant committees and councils to increase representation of millennials especially those of color.  Small opportunities to recruit individuals for committees and community boards may be possible.

  • Launching your own 501c3:  For today’s millennial, it is important to devote time and talents towards various social causes that extend beyond personal gain & to impact one’s local community. In this session, you will learn about how to launch your own organization in order to best serve your local community. You will hear from a reputable expert in the field on how to achieve this goal!
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